Roscoff privateer city



Corsair city of the Bay of Morlaix, in Finistère, located 10 minutes from the hotel….

Two hundred years of history have built this city, Roscoff was equipped with a harbor, between the shore and a quay about 308 m long, and a port formed by the roadstead, where anchored ships of large tonnage that could not safely approach the shore. Shipowners’ houses, churches, chapels make its charm.

Shipowners’ houses

Built between the 15th and 17th centuries by wealthy ship owners or merchants are still visible today. Each house has its own specific feature. They are highlighted by their mullioned and transomed windows, their sculptures partly protruding from the facade, their carved dormer windows…

Among the oldest, the Gothic style dominates. They are made of cut stone and Breton granite rubble. Their mountain slate roofs often hide richly sculpted monumental chimneys. Some also have turrets and other spiral staircases